Banyan International Corporation provides complete Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Global Commodity Sourcing services, and welcomes the opportunity to work together with customers throughout all stages of their product development.

Working with Banyan allows you to focus on your key business concerns by providing you with everything from R&D and design to component sourcing, manufacturing, testing, final assembly, and even packaging. Banyan can provide complete off-shore solutions for you.

As we have done for almost 30 years, through our network of qualified suppliers, manufacturers, and design/engineering services, Banyan International helps bring products to the market faster and more cost effectively. These resources allow Banyan International to provide everything from New Product Introduction (NPI) and global supply chain management to high volume off-shore manufacturing at the best costs, while guaranteeing the highest quality. 

Let Banyan International bring your business a world of design, manufacturing and commodity solutions.


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